Thursday, 3 July 2014

Throwing out the Old and Beginning the New

Day 20 & 21.

At the close of today I have fasted for three weeks. I am both amazed and impressed. From tomorrow I'm breaking new ground. Once I attempted a forty day fast for spiritual reasons and gave up at 21 days. With little advice, I only drank store bought fruit juices, so I was very glad to consume something else!

This morning I sorted through my jeans to see how many are still looking decent. I know some of my group are already in new clothes, but having only lost 6.7 kilos, my tighter clothes are still okay. In a flurry of action, I cleaned out all my drawers and discarded a mountain of excess. There were still size 20 clothes from before I lost weight last time. It was liberating to free my space of so much rubbish, making way for the new that will come in the spring. I'm hoping to get through winter without buying anything, unless I find bargains in the sales!

On Tuesday I started writing my next book. I planned to spend this juicing time praying and writing, but have been slow off the mark. The book now has 1,541 words down, only 85,000 to go! Other things have been pulling at my time the last couple of days and little more has happened, but the count will be over 10,000 by the time this fast is done!

This week I learned more ugly truths about myself. Beating the Carb Monster is not enough. I have a few other monsters to defeat, for example, Stress Eating, Comfort Food and Chew to Think. Today I became stressed due to restricted time pressure. I managed to achieve the task and headed home, exhausted. Any other time a cappuccino or one of the 'healthier' chocolate bars in the supermarket would have been in order.  But today I grabbed the couple of items I needed from the shops and limped home! I allowed myself the juice of one orange, mixed with lots of water (or it tastes too sweet), and lay in my chair in the sun to drink it. Warmth, orange and a chat to a good friend restored my equilibrium. Maybe in a week even those enemies to my health will be defeated!

Meanwhile I'm convincing myself that my sinus are clearing - at least I hope that explains why my nose is running like a tap! Wish me luck for two more days - then I only have a week to go!

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  1. Congratulations Jo. Great effort. I hope you feel wonderful benefits.