Monday, 7 July 2014

Self Discipline has never been my strong point!

Day 24 & 25

Self Discipline! Not my favourite occupation. Not my favourite subject!

Fortunately I've had back stocks of the product that I haven't utilized over the past sixty years! I'm drawing on that source heavily right now. Yesterday Steve and I had lunch at a little coffee shop just north of Glasshouse. He had quiche and Salad. I drank a green juice I had made in the morning. His lunch was amazing. Mine was difficult to drink as I had added too much shallot. It was offset by a cup of 'Sunshine' herbal tea, freshly made by a local lady. That was a treat.

Last night as Steve ate a reheated lamb curry, frozen BF (Before Fast), I struggled with my warmed tomato juice. I'd even added olive oil, lemon and pepper for extra flavour. It was gross. I tipped it down the sink and pondered going to bed on water. I also pondered eating!

After procrastinating for a while, I rang my second conscience. (She lives up the coast.) and chatted to her whilst boiling a bunch of vegetables. The broth was wonderful. The veges went in the bin. Was it a waste? No, it was a good investment as I survived another difficult moment. In the light of day I have decided that tomato juice doesn't keep well. I'd juiced them that morning. Tonight I will pull out the machine and have fresh juice .

But I was talking about self discipline. As I discussed in blog on Day 8, Pushing toward Change, one can't make a change without a big enough vision of the benefits. This morning I watched the day dawn. In a way I'm watching my new life dawn. The fast has given me great benefits, but mostly it has made way for a Life Style Change. That change begins on Sunday.

At the moment I can see, on the horizon, the promise  of a life without Diabetes. This vision keeps my self discipline kicking in. The important change is only just starting. My choices from here on will determine my future. This morning I chose to start the day worshiping the Creator of the beautiful world I live in. It sets the tone for my day. How I choose to re-begin eating, will train my body for the future.

I'm thankful for Peter Pratt and his program and the stream of support and encouragement that inspires us to keep on pushing forward. I'm thankful for all of you who have taken the time to read and cheer me on. I know where I'm heading. This is Steve's lunch today. It has thirteen different whole foods in it and a little bit of cheese. As I packed it, I realised I'm packing for him the food I want so badly! It is coming. I get a salad on Monday!

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