Friday, 24 February 2012

Bruised, exposed and bleeding

How tragic when the animals in the zoo attack each other! We have learned to listen to our politicians squabbling daily, but this week there is blood on the floor. Where are the politicians with the intelligence, faith and courage to govern our country, their sole agenda being the long term good of our nation. 
Our recent political antics reminds me of the gladiator ring, where the players only way of survival was to kill, or to at least cripple, other fellow human beings. We tolerate the game when teams fight against teams, but when the fighters are attacking their fellow team members, as much or more than they attack each other, it is sickening. Yet the crowd still sits in the stands screaming obscenities, cheering on their current favourite player.
Circling the ring is the most destructive force in the battle. These players are presented as unbiased observers. They never get their hands dirty or enter hand to hand combat. They skulk around the perimeter of the ring, inciting the fighters to thrust another poison-tipped spear into an already wounded player. They scratch in the dirt of the arena, pulling up the most filth they can uncover, throwing it on our screens ad nauseum. They stir up trouble and strife. 
Each player in this disgusting game has the same goal, namely, popularity. They are driven by ambition. Some are struggling for the most votes, others for the best ratings. All want promotion and want to be seen, even though bleeding and exposed.
'A party divided against itself cannot stand.' 
'Those who use the sword will die by the sword'
'For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.'
This wisdom of God still stands, whether the politicians believe it or not. So some time in the future, Julia's term of prime minister will come to a sudden nasty conclusion. It must for she will reap what she has sown. Will it be Monday or further down the track? It makes no difference. Who will replace her? Who knows!
Kevin Rudd's daughter asks us to own the spill, to be responsible citizens and contact our local members to tell them who we want to lead the party and hence the nation.(  
But I can't see any person who has the grace, honour and wisdom to lead our wonderful nation. I'm hoping and praying God  has a strong, honest and courageous gladiator waiting in the wings.

Friday, 10 February 2012

It's not his fault. He was angry

‘You are coming to Dad’s this weekend, aren’t you?’
His sister shakes her head.  ‘I’ll come when he apologises.’
‘C’mon!’ He raises his voice in frustration. ‘Get over it, for goodness sake!’
‘Did you hear what he said to me? All the abuse, the swearing, the slurs and insults?’
‘Yea, I heard. But it’s not his fault. He was angry. Just forget it.’

Pardon? It’s not his fault! Since when is bad behaviour excused on the grounds of emotions being out of control? Who owns those emotions? Do our emotions serve us or do we obey our emotions.

Today one can be sued if the thief hurts himself while breaking into your house. We expect insurance companies or someone to cover our loss if we break something, lose it, or drop it the ocean. What happened to personal accountability?

Sometimes it seems most of our society believes–
  • ·         Verbal anger is all right if one is angry or drunk
  • ·         Belting your spouse is the victim’s fault because they caused the anger
  • ·         Hitting a cyclist in your car should be excused cause you didn’t realise you were over the blood alcohol limit
  • ·         Aborting a baby is okay because the mother has a life to lead. (As if the baby doesn’t)
  • ·         Telling lies is acceptable, even in parliament, if you’re sure you won’t be caught.

Then we perpetuate the problem by over protecting our kids so they can’t get hurt. As a result, they never learn how to look after themselves. They don’t get an opportunity to practice personal responsibility.

The other basic drive of this generation is ‘if it feels good, do it!’ So our youth are addicted to drugs and trapped by alcohol and nicotine. Immorality is the accepted norm.

What will be the final outcome? Somewhere our society will experience the harvest of this folly.

 Go with me to 2020. Let’s peek into the life of Authur Average. Arthur is a good bloke. He finished school and has a steady job. He’s lived with a couple of girls but now he’s moved on and it sharing a unit with a couple of guys and girls. He’s stable. Recently he had a crash on his motorised skateboard on the way to work. He spent a day in hospital. They took blood tests as a precaution.

Arthur didn’t give it a thought at the time. Now he stands looking at the letter. His hand shakes. His eyes skim to the name on the top of the letter. Yes it’s him. The DNA police have caught him.

          Dear Mr Average
          Your recent blood test identified your DNA. Our computer cross                           references identify your children as listed below. It is your responsibility to financial support your children until they are sixteen years of age.

Oh, no! Arthur is being held accountable! The things done in secret are bought into the light. He is being forced to face the consequences of his behaviour.

I know another young man that won’t accept responsibility for his own bills. His says the world is going to end anyway, so why pay them now?

How can we change the trend? The same way we eat an elephant – one mouthful at a time. Start with you and your household. Take responsibility for all your behaviour. Don't blame shift. Don't use excuses. No more denial. Once you take ownership of all your actions and accept responsibility for the outcomes, your life will be transformed. Its called freedom! You will be in control of your life!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I love babies! This week Nathaniel, a six month old little boy, stayed at my house. For the first few days he looked at me as though I had no right to invade his space. By the time he left this morning, he seemed to have accepted my presence and even enjoyed helping me hang the washing.
There is something about little people that make grown men soft and squishy. I watched his hands-on Dad prepare bottles, feed him sweet potato and put him to sleep. But most of all he stopped and played with him every time he walked past. I captured their relationship in this picture this morning.
The baby is overshadowed, encircled by his Daddy. Yet he is still free to move. He could roll if he wanted to of wriggle out of the way. But why would he? He lays looking at his fathers face, memorising every line, soaking up the obvious love that blazes from his father eyes.
Nathaniel is nearly a miniature clone of his old man, long and lanky, same colouring, same face, same eyes. He's made in his fathers image. He has the same DNA.
Likewise we are made in the image of God. We have His nature, His gifts, His character. We grow into His authority, His creativity. The bible tells us that unless we are born of the spirit and come as a little child we can't enter the Kingdom of heaven.
Nathaniel was born into his family. He will always belong. Even if he leaves home for a season, he will always be a part of that family. And he came as a little child. He costs his parents money, time, love and energy. They  are delighted to be able to lavish him with their devotion.
Just like God! I love to think of God overshadowing me, guarding me and protecting me just as Nathaniel's dad does. What security is mine! The God of the whole earth loves me and stops to spend time with me, just because I am His and He delights in me. He calls me by name and as I look up I can see the love in His eyes. Yes, it's good to be one of God's kids!