Friday, 24 February 2012

Bruised, exposed and bleeding

How tragic when the animals in the zoo attack each other! We have learned to listen to our politicians squabbling daily, but this week there is blood on the floor. Where are the politicians with the intelligence, faith and courage to govern our country, their sole agenda being the long term good of our nation. 
Our recent political antics reminds me of the gladiator ring, where the players only way of survival was to kill, or to at least cripple, other fellow human beings. We tolerate the game when teams fight against teams, but when the fighters are attacking their fellow team members, as much or more than they attack each other, it is sickening. Yet the crowd still sits in the stands screaming obscenities, cheering on their current favourite player.
Circling the ring is the most destructive force in the battle. These players are presented as unbiased observers. They never get their hands dirty or enter hand to hand combat. They skulk around the perimeter of the ring, inciting the fighters to thrust another poison-tipped spear into an already wounded player. They scratch in the dirt of the arena, pulling up the most filth they can uncover, throwing it on our screens ad nauseum. They stir up trouble and strife. 
Each player in this disgusting game has the same goal, namely, popularity. They are driven by ambition. Some are struggling for the most votes, others for the best ratings. All want promotion and want to be seen, even though bleeding and exposed.
'A party divided against itself cannot stand.' 
'Those who use the sword will die by the sword'
'For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.'
This wisdom of God still stands, whether the politicians believe it or not. So some time in the future, Julia's term of prime minister will come to a sudden nasty conclusion. It must for she will reap what she has sown. Will it be Monday or further down the track? It makes no difference. Who will replace her? Who knows!
Kevin Rudd's daughter asks us to own the spill, to be responsible citizens and contact our local members to tell them who we want to lead the party and hence the nation.(  
But I can't see any person who has the grace, honour and wisdom to lead our wonderful nation. I'm hoping and praying God  has a strong, honest and courageous gladiator waiting in the wings.


  1. Yes, sadly, gladiatorial instincts do seem to be rife in Australia at the moment.

  2. I'm really quite ashamed of the leaders of our nation right now. Had a Skype chat with friends in England. We sure are getting bad press over there.