Friday, 2 March 2012

Nervous at the Printer

My book 'Though The Bud Be Bruised' is nearly ready to go to the printers. I'm both exciting and apprehensive. I've wanted to tell this story for twenty years. The book, a faction, covers a period in my life where my firm foundations in God were poured, with much blood, sweat and tears. It is an amazing story of God's grace and compassion, determination and faithfulness, discipline and love. It relates the revelations and insights He gave me, the miracles He performed and the the way He kept His Word.
So why would I be nervous?
There are several reasons. How will the critics and reviewers receive my first attempt at a novel?  I'm nervous because I can be very picky about other people's writing, so I expect my inexperience as a writer will be fair fodder to any professional.
Secondly, some of the content of the book will be shocking, especially those who know me but don't know the full story of those difficult years. My mentors have tried to help me present the truth as gently as possible, but sometimes truth is stark and there is no way of softening the blow!
What will people think of me? The book is raw and transparent. Will my readers give Zara enough grace? Will they understand that she can't be perfect and get it right first time? Will they judge her decisions and reactions as wrong. 
In the earlier stages of writing this book, one of my 'readers' was very judgemental toward Zara and Sam. I was for an instant shocked by her comments, but then understood her reaction was about my writing, not about me personally. These comments helped me to fix weak areas in my writing for which I am grateful.
However my excitement far out weighs these concerns. The truths I learned will be published for everyone to hear. Anyone can read of the wonderful things God has done in my life. That's exciting! 
I hope many enjoy the read and then recommend the book to others just because it is good. And as Jesus told parables so some would hear and understand, so I publish this book. To some it will be a great story, to others, may it bring hope and life!


  1. Jo, I simply cannot wait to read it.

  2. Yep waiting for my copy to finish reading what I started. lol. .

  3. Put me on your list, roomie! So proud of you. xxx

  4. Bravo Jo! There is a scripture that goes something like, "they overcame by the word of their testimony." Good on you for putting it out there! You are quite right that it will give hope and encouragement to some and that will accomplish what God intended. I am looking forward to seeing it. Do put it on Amazon so we can get it here in the states without it costing an arm and a leg for postage! Blessings

  5. I realize that I forgot to say that I have "liked" your page and am now following your blog. I also forgot to leave my contact info!. I will watch for you


  6. I remember feeling like that about my book too Jo. Your book is going to impact many lives. May God bless each page you have written. xx

  7. Jen, you'll get a copy soon! So will you Andrea. Yes Carol it will be on Amazon in Kindle for. Thanks All of you for your encouragement. Yes Nicole, there is great similarities. You are one of my heroes!

  8. Hello Jo,
    You left a comment on Lynn Dove's interview with me on Word Salt and I'd like to mail you a copy of my book 'Leviathan with a Fish-hook.'
    Could you e mail me on and let me have your mailing address? Then I'll post the book to you.
    Thanks for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the book.