Friday, 9 March 2012

Romance, I love it!

    Romance! Everyone loves a little romance. Little girls snuggle into their Daddy and then mischievously hide from his kiss. Teenage girls dream about, giggle and talk about boys constantly.  Then as they get older they hope for romance with stars in their eyes. Women read about it, consuming book after book.
My little grandsons love to pick flowers from my garden to give to their mother when she arrives home. And Miss Four flirts shamelessly with her teenage brother.
    Steve and I still enjoy romance. A bit over a year ago, we were on holidays on the Gold Coast, walking along Currumbin Creek, when Steve picked up a felt pen off the ground to put it in the bin. A little later he called me over to the picnic table to display his handiwork. After sixty years, there is romance, much to the amusement of our tribe of granddaughters.
    Romance is about one person attracting the attention of another because they like them. They want to spent time with them. Some go to extraordinary lengths because they want the other person to like them as well.
    When Steve and I were dating, he would drive me home from church, via the longest route he could find! He wanted to spend more time with me. If he was restoring his trailer he wanted me there. When I was sewing, he was hanging around, waiting, poking, looking for my company. All part of romance which was fired by his hope of spending the rest of his life with me.
   But the greatest romantic of all time is the lover of our souls. The whole Bible is a love letter to mankind, written by a passionate God who is intensely jealous for our undivided hearts. He was so passionate for the attention of His chosen race, Israel, that when he rescued them from bondage he led them to their promised land by the longest possible route. Why? He wanted to show off His power, provision and care. He wanted to park at Mt Sinai so the love of His life could know Him better. He used fire, smoke and special effects. He showered them with gifts and laid down His plans for a continuing relationship.
    Sometimes He got so frustrated that He felt like ending the friendship and finding another lover! It all sounds so familiar doesn't it?
    And today he still loves us. He pursues each one of us, hoping for our eyes and our heart to turn and meet His gaze of love.
    I don't know about you but sometimes this is not my personal experience. God can seem to be a long way off and completely disinterested in my blight or circumstances. But on other occassions, He feels so close that I find my breathe catching in my throat. Over the years I have learned God is always active in relationship with me. Any breach is on my part.
    So I watch for Him, for His presence, alert for the little unexpected gifts He leaves me on the way. One birthday I was driving my neice to the train when I spied his present for me near the edge of the road. I pulled the car over. A wild duck led her tiny fluffy ducklings through the grass right past my car. I love the wonder of nature. That was years ago and I still get a thrill when I think of the day God gave me a birthday present!  
A couple of weeks ago I was worshipping as I walked down our long driveway, leaving for my early morning walk. God drew my attention of one of the trees that border our drive. And there it was. So perfect. His message of love for me. Just for me. He has my attention! I'm committed. I've told Him I'd love to spend eternity with Him. Meanwhile I'm waiting and watching. Maybe He'll carves initials in it one day or maybe He'll do something else totally unexpected. 


  1. Hi Jo,
    I believe He's wired the desire for romance into the hearts of men and women alike. What awesome presents! Once, I saw the word SON formed in the sky in clouds just days before I found out I was pregnant with my first baby (a boy) after suffering several miscarriages. I like to think that was a loving gift too.

  2. That amazing Paula. It was a gift!! Take everyone you can and thank him for them. As with any lover recognition and excitement about gifts encourages more! lol

  3. Hi Jo, Yes I now remember we did discuss romance at the ladies group, just so enjoyed your article on Romance, just love your style and the way you lift him up our precious Jesus, look forward to reading your book!! Tina xx

  4. I remember being blown away by romance just about the time of my fiftieth birthday, after a failed marriage that made me doubt there could ever be romance in my life. God never gives up on us. Why do we so readily give up on him?