Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Is the finishing line a mirage?

Day 26 & 27

How can six days be so long? Until now I followed the fast, only looking at one day at a time. This week I could see the finish line so my focus changed to there. Now it seems like a mirage. So close and yet so far.

And it's not the finish. It is a marker on the way. Day 31 I still have two juices and one meal. Day 32 is similar.  However I am determined to follow the recommendations. I have an opportunity  and support to attain improved health. I must grasp it for all it's worth!

It is difficult to remember what I felt like before I started. This week I've put in full busy days. Even two weeks ago I couldn't have done that. I kept returning to my chair and looking for a nap. I'm sleeping soundly every night.  My sugars are steady in the normal range. The combined effect is strength to last the day. This is exciting. Things get done. Life happens. I like it.

Keep cheering for me. My legs may be aching but I will finish the race. Here's to the future.

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