Saturday, 5 July 2014

Is It Worth all the Effort? Time to Assess.

Day 22 & 23

Yes! Only a week to go following stage one of this crazy adventure. This morning I even found myself wondering if I'd go longer. I slapped myself around the head a little and sanity has returned. The thought was triggered by nasty scales! I've only dropped 0.2 kilos since Monday which seems unreasonable to me, considering my calorie count. Meanwhile my fellow class mates post stories of great losses. I'm excited for them and celebrate their victories, reminding myself that 8.6% of my body has disappeared. 5.5 cms have vanished from around my waist and 1.5 cms from my neck in 23 days. All that is exciting, but it pales in the light of Blood sugar readings that haven't risen above 5.5 since last Sunday. This is indeed miraculous and I'm very thankful.

Today, for the first time, I made an effort to control the colours of my juice for the day. I though you'd like to see the results. Another first today was to add an orange to the carrot and celery for breakfast instead of an apple or pear. The result tasted just like orange juice. It was yummy. The green one I had for lunch wasn't as good, so I added the juice of a lime which improved it vastly. We are given recipes to follow, but I'm a maverick! I have never followed instructions for cooking anything except cakes.So I have used the suggestions to give me ideas and then gone ahead with my own imagination. I do try and record really nice ones!

This time next week I'll be planning my first meal. The recommended menu is lightly steamed vegetables. What would you choose? I can tell you it won't be carrot!

For two days I've been trying to deal with a constantly running nose. Was it a cold, or was it my body cleansing my sinus, which I'm sure needs every effort it can throw their way! Today, it hasn't run at all. I've gone from forty tissues a day to one. How exciting to fear a cold and know you've avoided it. Yay! I do have a cold sore starting on my lip. Maybe they are being healed as well!

My hips were very sore again last night, but I think the problem is I forget to take my fish oil tablets. When I do they are much better. However, the pain didn't wake me until I'd had six hours solid sleep. That is a great improvement on my previous sleeping habits. Last night I took some pain killer and went back to sleep for another two hours. Today I've been fresh to write. 5,700 words done. It's a great beginning.

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  1. Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)