Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Battle is Bloody!

The last week has been a battle for my health. I've said I knew the real battle was about to begin, but I hoped it would be an easy enemy to defeat. But...

I followed the guidelines of 'Unprocessed Food' for two weeks, not 100% but close. There are a few areas I struggle with. I'm not convinced that dairy is bad for me, or beef. However I've had very little of either, except I have used some butter, as I also believe fat is good. 

But whilst my weight has been reasonably well behaved, my blood sugar levels have been rising alarmingly, peaking at first reading in the morning of 9.1 on Monday. They were rising last week and I was very disappointed. My great friend and head of my health cheering squad suggested I restrict my fruit and other carb intake. I didn't react well to that suggestion. I love fruit. 

And I was very frustrated. I had eaten only two meals with meat in two weeks. For a girl who was raised on a cattle property, it goes against all my life belief. The only carbohydrate I had eaten was on the good list of carbs, eg Spelt flour (one table spoon in two weeks!). On two occasions I ate sweets that were prepared with all clean ingredients. The results were disastrous, blood sugar wise. I had eaten out twice, both times at the Paleo restaurant with meals that were clean. 

I fought, kicking and screaming, for about three days as I watched my blood sugar leave the normal range behind. It has been very discouraging. 

Something changed on the weekend. Maybe the battle was won in my mind. But here is my determination!
I will have two days a weeks of minimum food, that is Chia seeds with lemon for breakfast, juice for lunch and light vege soup for dinner. I did that on Monday. Yesterday was a tough, stressful day for me, which is always a dangerous place for a diabetic and one who turns to food for comfort. I made the biggest salad ever seen and took that and three left over Pecan and Ricotta patties to the beach and ate my way through it. I was so full that I couldn't have eaten another thing if I tried! Last night Steve took me out for dinner, an activity we have indulged in for years. I ordered Grilled Salmon on Asian Salad, with horseradish sauce on the side. I didn't touch the sauce, but the rest was wonderful. And two hours later my blood sugar was great. Thanks Preece's restaurant at Redcliffe.

This morning my blood sugar was 6.9. It's nearly back. Yay. The major decision is no carbs. Not even the clean ones. None. I will reassess that decision when everything is stable again. Weight wise, the scales went to 79.9 on Monday. There is no way I'm going to let it show me an 80 again! Yesterday it was back to 78.9. That's only 0.6 higher than when my digestive system was empty, so I'm happy with that. 
And I have walked three days out of the last four. My sore hips have been doused in fish oil and are behaving much better! Today I had a larger breakfast as pictured. I'll see how my sugar reacts. I also had some Chia seeds in water and lemon juice so I'm feeling full, which helps.

I have added a couple of bad pics. One is with my new toy that arrived in the mail yesterday. It makes spaghetti out of zucchini or other vegetables. Pretty amazing I thought. (Excuse the tired face!)
A friend took the other in church on Sunday. Those who have known me will see a big body difference, even though the photo is blurry. 

Keep cheering for me. I will win this battle and regain full health. 

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