Tuesday, 1 July 2014

fate stepped in to rescue me from this crazy adventure

Day 18 & 19

Fate stepped in to rescue me! It offered the perfect excuse to quit, eat real food and walk away from this crazy adventure.

My juicer broke. It is hard to grieve for it! The machine was really annoying me. It demands constant cleaning, groans and moans and makes a terrific racket. The amount of waste it produces is obscene and I'm always carting its mess outside. All I did was offer it pumpkin, to see if it liked it. I love pumpkin and I was cooking a big pot of vegetable soup for the family.

Not only did that machine scream its protest, but it spun around in a tantrum, making it hard to grab the switch to silence it. By then it was emitting a nasty smell. I ignored its antics and continued with the soup, but later when I tried to juice my evening meal, it refused to work.

There it was. My perfect excuse. I had no juice and no juicer. I had soup in the pot, an obvious solution to my hunger. Hot, thick, flavorsome soup. How tempting! In my head, I composed my explanation of my actions  to you, my cheer squad.

But no, I banished temptation to follow the Carb Monster and used a ladle to scoop out a cup of broth from the soup. I replaced the liquid with stock, added seasoning and fed the family. But let me hasten to say, that broth was the most wonderful thing I'd had for years. There was no added salt or flavour, but it bounced with warmth and taste.

This morning I rescued an old neglected juicer from my daughter-in-law's cupboard and coached it into action. It is the same brand as mine, but not as powerful. It complains much more than the one that threw a tantrum about eating pumpkin. I'm hoping the store will replace my cranky model tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm thankful that I've passed that place of temptation. I'd hate to give up now. I only have 11 days to go.

My weight plummeted by 1.2 kilos on Sunday and bounced back 0.4 today. Its still a good result. Last night someone suggested I was looking ten years younger. I laughed. I think it may the newly tinted eyebrows and lashes. We'll see as the days go on.

My pain has eased. It is no longer keeping me awake, but the cold did last night. Queensland has decided to throw winter at us with a vengeance and we are neither used to it or prepared for it. I may even have to buy winter pyjamas! To add warmth to my office, today I  dug out the oil heater. (its been neglected nearly as long as the juicer!) The only others who are feeling this cold or my fellow juicers. It's a small price to pay for being off all medication!

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