Monday, 14 July 2014

Taste Sensations and Inadequate Underwear.

The fast is over. I did it. Thirty days of only vegetable juice. I'm pleased I've done it but I'm not in a hurry to repeat the exercise.

So I must be careful what I eat as I don't want to see the enemy Diabetes or Carb Monster get a foot hold in my life again. So far I have followed the recommended guidelines for the two days I have eaten. This has saved me from any pain or discomfort.

Day one. Juice for Breakfast and dinner. Steamed vegetables for lunch. Check. I really enjoyed the vegetables but to be able to sit with Steve and eat together was the highlight for me. (You can see I added eggs to Steve's) As for taste, the clear winner in flavour was the four tiny cherry tomatoes we picked from a wild bush in our backyard. They were a flavour explosion!

Day two. Juice for Breakfast and dinner. Vegetable soup for lunch. I chopped eight different vegetables of varying colours and taste and simmered them in water. I added parsley and oregano from my garden and some salt and pepper for flavour and ate three bowls. It warmed my belly and comforted my soul.

Meanwhile I've lost another half a kilo since I last reported. My weight loss has now become obvious, both to others and myself. I blink when I walk past a mirror. Who is that stranger in my house? And what has happened to my clothes? This morning I went for an early morning walk, wearing my old track suit. It doesn't get many airings in Queensland winters and I'll admit its been in my cupboard for a long time. However, it is hanging off me as it is a size 20. This morning as I left the house something was wrong with my attire. My clothes weren't as comfortable as usual. I wiggled my butt, trying to get things to fall into place. It got worse.

I then realised it was my nickers blowing in the wind. Usually tucked under jeans, I'd missed the fact they are too large. It just may be time to shop! (I decided to spare you pictorial evidence!) One day soon, I may even post an 'after' photo, but I'm hoping to lose more weight first.


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