Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lifestyle Change is happening

One week into Life style Change.

It is wonderful to be eating - but not as wonderful as being 9 kilos lighter!
It is wonderful to be eating, but that enjoyment is enhanced by not eating for thirty days! My taste buds are sharper, food is different and somehow more enjoyable.

But before I talk too much about food, I want to focus on the benefits of the program I have been following. I feel better - much better in myself. I'm sleeping well, and that of itself makes a big difference.

My stomach is flatter than its been for years! Yay!

My energy levels are higher. When I sit the dust annoys me and I do something about it. Before I wasn't even noticing such things as doing anything was too hard. I have sat in a chair for an hour waiting for the energy to get up and do the next little job. Yesterday morning I did three loads of washing, made a cheese cake and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I swept and washed all the floors and was ready to go shopping by ten. This may be normal to you and used to be normal for me, but not since Diabetes took charge, and especially not since I've been on medication. It has been difficult to do the basics.

My interest level is better. Cooking is interesting, not a chore.

My sense of humor has returned, along with the energy to hold great conversations with interesting people.

Has all this happened just because I've changed what I put in my mouth? Can that be? This is a big learning. Why do we pop two little Panadol and expect a headache to go, and yet we eat slabs of sugary products and complain when we feel sluggish. We connect the medical results to what goes in our mouth, and yet don't connect our food consumption with bodily responses. So I've adopted a new guideline.

  1. Does this food taste good?
  2. Is this food good for my body?
  3. Does this food move me toward optimum health?
If there aren't three yeses, then I am determined to reject it. 
Last night the graduates from our arm of the Diabetic Lifestyle Change met for a meal together. It was a wonderful evening. Everyone is excited and pleased. We ate a four course meal prepared by Jo Pratt. The food was prepared from fresh unprocessed food and it was scrumptious. I'm sorry I didn't think of taking photos until they served the cake. (These recipes are available on the Diabetic Health Clinic website.) I can assure you they were moist very tasty and they didn't trigger high blood sugar readings. Many of us struggled to enjoy them as such foods have caused guilt feelings for so long that we have nearly forgotten to enjoy good food!

We were all presented with certificates of Achievement. It feels good to have pushed on past the struggles and to have earned the award. That's me on the left and Steve on the right being rewarded for supporting me all the way. Peter and Jo Pratt are in the middle. It seems appropriate. I could never have made it without Peter and Jo's coaching, support and passion and Steve's quiet encouragement and confidence in me.

After such a feast last night, I felt like juice this morning and really enjoyed the freshness and simplicity. There is one important difference though. This was a meal of choice and I celebrated with a couple of tasty extras!

Weight is stable. Blood sugars are good. I'll report again next week. Thanks for your support. You have kept me honest.

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