Thursday, 31 May 2012

What a Celebration! What a Victory!

   What a fabulous night! We launched 'Though the Bud be Bruised' with fun and fanfare. This picture pretty much summarises the night. Everything Pink and Black and beautiful - but a few details fell sideways!
   Did that matter? No!
   In the background of this pictures you can see the books covered, waiting. We didn't open the boxes until the program was complete. Then we put a book in every hand, so they could touch, feel, and read. Then we trusted them to either pay or return the book.
    Did the party reach my expectations? I had three aims. I wanted...

  •  everyone to enjoy themselves
  •  the participants to leave as excited advocates for my book 
  •  God's victory to be evident.
The room was full. There were about 200 people who were enthusiastic and excited. I've had lots of comments about the detail - the roses bruised on the path as people walked in, the petals which are still covering the front floor of my church, the pink and black food served by my wonderful grandchildren and the roses everywhere.

    Steve made a powerful opening speech, honouring God and encouraging men to read the book. My amazing guest speaker, Wendy Francis, Qld CEO of Australian Christian Lobby, put aside her own causes to quote from the book and talk about it. I was honoured by her words and encouragement.

  I took the opportunity to thank my friends, Dawn and Sue who have put so much effort into the book with advice and editing. I was very pleased to have my publisher,Rochelle, to share and delighted she sold many books written by other Australian authors.

    We gave everyone a lucky petal and drew a couple of prizes. It was just a fun night.
   So I return to the question - Was it successful. God was honoured, people did have fun and many books were sold.
I wait now to see if I have generated excited advocates. Only time will tell, but I do know of one friend that has two copies out on loan, another who intends giving it to the leaders of their children's ministry, another who says he'll be using it in evangelism! Yes I'm encouraged. But I'm excited when someone reads it and then has to 'pray about just so many things'.

 It was more than a book launch! We celebrated a great victory.

The evil that was designed to destroy us and our family has been turned completely around. It has been exposed in this book of victory. May many others find victory through the pages of 'Though the Bud be Bruised.'



      1. Congratulations Jo!! What a wonderful culmination of dreams. Blessings for the days ahead. Dotti :)

        1. thanks Dotti. It was a good beginning :)