Thursday, 17 May 2012

Preparing for a Book Launch!

This week has been a lot of fun as I prepare for the party to celebrate the release of my book, 'Though the Bud be Bruised.' Replies to the invitations are filtering in. Food is organised and the drinks are stowed ready. Everything follows the colour theme as established set by the book cover and so I've been chasing down a variety of things from black serviettes to pink balloons.
    On the way I've made a few exciting discoveries, little things that seem to there waiting for me to find them! I was shopping with Julie, my friend and party consultant yesterday. (She has an eye for the extraordinary that can turn a room into a sensation!) We were shopping in a popular candle store looking for pink tea-lights when she spies a beautiful candle. It was crafted in the shape of a rose and just happened to be the same colour as the rose on the cover of the book. Excited, she is planning where to use them. I am cautious. I'm sure they will be expensive. But wait! They are on sale as they were Mother's day stock, so now reduced to $5 each. We get five of them. But when they go through the cash register they have been reduced again. Now only $2. I grab more of them. 
    We leave the shop feeling the favour of the Lord. I'm sure he's going ahead of me to organise things. Farewelling Julie, I walk into the next shop and find a great skirt to wear. And guess what? It has roses on the black lace. The shop assistant asks about the book launch and takes a card so she can order a book from Amazon.
    From there I go next door. There I find a black top that has lace sleeves guessed it...roses in the lace. I grab that, thankful for the sale price and bring it all home to try with the pink scarf I bought last week. Together it looks great. Oh and did I tell you that the scarf came with a pendant - a large moulded rose.
    All these little things remind me that God is always leading and guiding me. I feel safe in the hollow of his hand. It gives me confidence the book has been written at right time.


  1. What amazing finds :) I'm looking forward to seeing photographs of your book launch.

  2. Thanks Melissa. Watch for them! They'll come.
    Thanks for sharing on my blog!

  3. Oh Jo, how exciting for you! Yes, all those little details are certainly the Lord's favour showered upon your book launch. I wish I could be there to share the thrill of it all with you.

  4. looking forward to a good read! see you saturday.