Thursday, 24 May 2012

My book leaves home

    As my book begins to be more widely distributed, I find myself watching,wondering and waiting. What do they think? Are they reading it or is it gathering dust? Do they think I'm crazy?
    Having never published a book before, I'm surprised by this stage. Although 'Though the Bud be Bruised' isn't officially released until 1st June, there are several copies now being read by close friends and reviewers.
   The problem is I know where each book is, and I keep wondering...and watching for feedback.
    But I had a revelation! My book has left home! I will always be its author, but it must now make its own way in the big wide world. It will succeed or fail on its own merit. It is now in the public domain and must accept the people's judgement.
    Like any good parent I have done my best. I have prepared it for the world, encouraged it to be true to itself; to carry its message with pride and determination rather than aim to join the popular crowd. I have drummed into it the importance of accuracy and simplicity and helped it chose truth over convention.
    It is never easy to release a child into the world, to sever the apron strings and allow them to succeed or fail on their own merit. Every parent wants to hover, to ensure that the child makes the best choices, works hard and drives safely. But the time comes when you must wave them good-bye, close the door, release them to God's care and protection and live your own life in peace.
    So it is with 'Though the Bud be Bruised.' It is finished. I must release it to do its work. Oh, yes! I'll still talk about it, promote it and do my best to help it travel far and wide. I will rejoice in its success and contend with its opponents. But with God's help I won't worry about it any longer. As Pilate said, 'I have written what I have written!'


  1. Excellent article. My novel has been travelling in the world for a little over 13 months.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

    1. Thanks Tom. So glad you're book is exploring the whole world :)

  2. Your baby is in good hands now. God will tenderly carry it out into the world for His glory... You have done a good thing Jo - you've dedicated your book to Him and left the results therein. :)

    Many blessings,

    Deborah McCarragher
    Author of "Mission Possible"

    1. Thanks Deborah. I have seen my role as a steward of the story. Now it is released to Holy Spirit to use as He will.

    2. Boy, can I ever identify with your feelings. My book was released 1 year ago. The name of it is "God Placed Her in My Path - Lessons Learned from the Furnace of Bipolar Disorder. Before it went "live" I Placed the book on my coffee table and just stared at it in shock. I said, "Lord, what have I done? Now the whole world knows my story!" All I could do was surrender its success or failure to God. It was too late to stop the presses. But even if it speaks to one or two people, and leads them to Christ it is worth it.

    3. Lessons from the furnace - aren't they interesting!

  3. Very good Jo, and so very true. I am approaching that time, and yes, it's scary. What if no-one likes my baby? What if it gets a run of bad reviews? But you're right. We've done our best. Now it must stand up for itself!

  4. All the best Shirley - may your baby stand up well :)