Thursday, 3 May 2012

His love never wavers

'You were rejected in the womb.' He waited for her confirming nod.
'But, when you were born your father called you to life.'
She sat, showing no emotion.
'When he died, when you were four, you were rejected again . You retreated into yourself.' 
When there was no response, he continued. 'I believe God has asked me to tell you that he has an amazing plan for your life, exciting things for you to do. But he wants me to tell you that He loves you. If you walk into the plans he has for you he will love you. If you choose to never do any of those things He still loves you. His love is not conditional on what you do. His love for you is passionate and never ending. Even if you spend your life in bed, He will still love you. He made you. He planned your birth. You were never a mistake. He loves you.'

In last weeks blog, I challenged us to live as victors, to live 'above the line'. It is the most satisfying, productive way to live.  
This week, I've remembered the above story. This word from the Lord was for a lady I know. But it is the heart of God for every one of us. He loves me. He loves you. That love never wavers or changes. 
Our behaviour never affects His love but how we respond to that love will affect our behaviour. It took me forty four years before I really believed God loved me. The all guilt, condemnation and hopelessness lifted off me. I was okay! God said it. I finally believed it. His love has given me the confidence to do many wonderful things in my life!

A few weeks ago I was walking, early in the morning, on the Gold Coast and thanking God for the beauty of colour, reflection and light in the sky. As I watched His hand appeared in the sky. His right hand stretched out in a blessing! Today I want to share it with you because He loves you so much.


  1. We have something in common, Jo. I was born again in 1970 and it has taken me forty-one years to accept God's love and to have a healthy perception of Him. My whole life has been about performance until this past year. It is wonderful to be free from church religion.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

    1. Ah Tom! We are so slow to learn! I too am loving freedom :)
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Amen ... His love never fails and He will never leave of foresake us.

  3. Wow! What an incredible photo Jo :) How wonderful it is, that in our state, we are able to know this great love that God has for us. x