Friday, 8 June 2012

The take over

   They march in, one after the other, forming a line in military precision. Row after row of them, disappearing into the distance. They are taking over. I am powerless to stop them and unable to defeat their great numbers.
   I decide to take drastic measures and find that I can prevent their entry, for a length of time. The strategy is simple. Don't open the gate. But gates are gates for a reason. They must be opened to allow traffic to flow from both directions and once opened... they all march in . Some of these invaders are very welcome. I've been waiting on them and am keen to entertain them. But in order to find them I have to scan every face, eagerly grabbing those friendly or intriguing ones and pulling them aside. Unconcerned, the others continue to enter, looking neither left or right. They settle, taking up permanent residence until they are either rehoused or face the firing squad!
   I could commit mass murder, but they look at me with that hint of secrecy, or is it guile? There is a glance that suggests I should dance with them for a while, let them entertain me briefly and, uncertain, I lower my loaded gun. Part of my brain tells me I can live without them; the other part argues, 'But what if I need them one day?'
   So I demand to see their entry papers. They can't just march in here without and invitation! How dare they? I'll show them who is boss. Unperturbed, they flash their credentials at me. Every paper has a familiar signature on the bottom - mine! So now it appears I have found the problem. It is I!
   Self awareness births a brutal streak. I march to the back of the line and open fire. Ruthlessly I annihilate twenty at a time. Impassioned, my statistician records progress. 683, 663, 645, 632.
   Oh, no. I hear myself promising to look at this one later, or telling that one to wait. I close my eyes and destroy fifty in one hit! I wait. Silence. Not a word of objection. Getting braver I try again. Fifty more and another fifty! Yay. 482. I'm on a roll. Bang, bang! 282
   But again I feel uncertain. These residents are newer. What if I've missed something? What if I lose an opportunity? I start to scan faces and assign a few to temporary housing. I knock one here and there. I'm sure some of them have run up from the back of the line. Surely I've seen them before!
   Tired, I check with the statistician. Only 200 left. I can manage two hundred. That's okay. I'll fix the rest tomorrow. 
But the next day is busy and so my computer remains inert. 
I just opened the gate and....oh, no! There are 375 emails in my inbox again!


  1. I know what you mean, Jo. Sometimes I'm tempted to run them all into the delete folder, but from experience there's a link in one that takes me to a whole new strategy of marketing, a free book that looks promising, new followers on Twitter, a good idea from J316, a free webinar that has a couple of good nuggets, etc. So I open them all--delete this one, block this spam, save this blog post--looking for nuggets.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

  2. Jo
    I laughed at your take on this highly intimate subject. Yes my email inbox is as intimate as a love/hate affair. I love to get emails, I hate when they come in torrents, especially when I've not been able to check for a few days???? and end up with upward of 600.
    But like you and Tom, I have to examine them all and consign them to their natural places.
    I have another problem now. I have so many saved in neat folders to come back to to read someday. I'm wondering when is that day going to come. Oh and the other problem, have I put them in folders with logical names so that I will be able to remember where to go for the information that I seek.
    Just another interesting day in the life of us J316ers.

  3. Thanks Yvonne - Fellow soldiers in a fight to find gold!