Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Adventure continues

Day 2 of my Adventure (See yesterdays blog for adventure details!)

The day has dull skies and its trying to rain. The brightest spot is the flowers Steve brought home from the office for me.

It's cool for Queensland and seems like soup weather to me. But I'm not being deceived. Whilst I may argue I want something warm to drink, I know it is really the Carb  Monster tricking me. I can drink as much herbal tea as I like so its not heat I'm after.

I had juice for breakfast, juice for lunch and there is juice prepared for dinner! It isn't as bad as it sounds as they are different flavours. Tonight I'm having juiced coleslaw with a touch of pineapple. I intend to add a little lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper.

Surprisingly I'm not often hungry, and if I am water usually satisfies. The worst part so far is the headaches and tiredness. I spent twelve hours in bed last night and then had to drag myself out of bed. Today the headache has been eased by a lovely friend who gave me a massage so all is well.

The best news is my blood sugar levels are dropping. I'm seeing figures I haven't seen for years and that is only after one day. I'll report more tomorrow.

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