Thursday, 19 June 2014

Can I turn a week into ten days?

Day 7

As I write there is only a few more hours before I can say I haven't eaten for a week! Am I missing food? Yes! It is especially evident when someone heats food at work, or makes hot chocolate in the kitchen. Yet it is much easier to eat nothing, knowing I'm loaded with good nutrition, than it is to eat less, or follow diets. I feel like a smoker who knows that haven't smoked for a week, but knows they still want to. The Carb Monster may be defeated, but it is still lurking in the shadows and will pounce again if I give it a chance. So may goal isn't yet reached. I want to get to the place where Carbs and I don't get on, where I don't want to hang out with it ever again.

And so I will continue. Peter Pratt tells me that by day ten my taste buds will be forget what food tastes like. I'm not sure I believe him so I'll push on and let you know.

Meanwhile I find I'm over carrots! I have used them as the base of most of my juices, so I guess it is time to explore further. I picked up three kilos of cheap Roma tomatoes this afternoon. They have refilled my glass bowl, but I'd love to stick my teeth into one!

The exciting news is this morning's blood sugar reading was in the normal range, 6.4! I have never tested myself and seen a reading that low in ten years of diabetes. And this is without the help of any medication. Yahoo!

Am I feeling better? I'm still waking with headaches, but the body is still detoxing so expect it will stop soon. My knee is okay if I don't put any pressure on it. My energy levels are improving slowly.

So what's the assessment after a week? The results are definitely
worth the effort, so raise your glass with me and drink to good health and a lifestyle change.

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