Thursday, 1 September 2011

Don't buy those.

‘Don’t buy those!’ My shopping companion was unhappy with the shoes I had chosen.
‘What’s wrong with these sandals? They fit well and I love the colour.’
A big sigh. ‘They’re yucky!’
She marched the length of the shoe rack suggesting other options. I dutifully followed. Her taste is good. But none of her selections fitted my criteria. I walked towards the exit without those shoes, then stopped.
Was I really letting a three year old dictate what I purchased? I am glad I overrode her decision. I’m very happy with my new red shoes.
Many times I return from a shopping expedition longing for an article I’d seen but hadn’t bought. Not because I couldn’t afford it. Those decisions I’m pleased about when I get home. But the items I don’t get because I question my judgement. Do I really need that? Can I get a better bargain? I’m not sure it’s right. The next day finds me asking: why didn’t I buy it?
I saw a great bargain on line the other day. I decided I’d buy two. I started the process and then hesitated. Maybe I’ll give it some more thought. Today I was imagining how much pleasure that item would bring at Christmas when I realised I never bought it! The window of opportunity has passed. That offer is closed. It will now cost more than double.
I hear God sigh! ‘Grab the opportunity when it’s sent your way. You ask me to provide and then you walk away from my provision. You ask in faith. You must also receive in faith.’
The amazing thing is God continues to provide! Next time I’m not going to listen to that insecure voice that sneaks into my mind. I’m just going to thank God and buy the thing!


  1. I've also been inclined to over-think and/or let others do my thinking for me. Opportunities can be fleeting but thank God for those unknown ones still coming that we will hopefully grasp with both hands.

  2. Thanks Paula and thank God that He has endless oportunities!