Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Time has come.

‘The time has come!’
The bride wakes the morning of her wedding. ‘At last! The day is here! I’ve waited so long.’ Or a mother walks through a school gate and for the first time leaves her precious child behind. The time has come!
An excited eighteen year old walks onto the campus of university for the first day. A teenager walks away from his driving test waving a new licence. The time has come.
A pregnant woman’s water breaks. ‘The time has come, Honey. We must go to the hospital.’
Somehow these words seem to usher in a new era.
A man is led into court to hear the jury’s verdict. Another man is let out of jail. A woman waits in a hospital bed until the orderlies arrive with a trolley. ‘Okay! It’s time to go. The surgeon is waiting for you.’
Miss Three is going on a holiday tonight. She is flying on a ‘big pla…a…ane’. For a week she’s been asking, ‘Are we going on the big pla…a…ane, today?’ Now the time has come! It is really happening. She is so excited.
Gough Whitlam told us, ‘It’s time!’ He pushed in a new wave. He rewrote history. But the most profound utterance of these simple words came from Jesus.
‘Father, It’s time.’
With those words, he stood, and walked out into the garden, knowing the soldiers were coming to arrest him. It was time to lay down his life, time to carry the hurt, rejection, rebellion, and idolatry of the whole world. Time to suffer. Time to defeat the enemy. He was the most courageous person that ever lived!
‘Father. It’s time.’ When He uttered those words, the history of the world changed.
When have you said these words? 'It’s time.' 
I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Next week, one of my children is flying way up to Cairns to visit family without us and I've never had him so far away from me and for so long. He's not even anywhere near as young as your little granddaughter. He's a 16 year old young man who shrugs off my motherly carry-ons. I feel that it's another step toward the empty nest syndrome.
    The time has come to let go.