Friday, 9 September 2011

Some conversations change your whole life.

The phone rings. You answer with  a cheerful, 'Hello!' Your stomach does one cart wheel and sinks to the bottom of your boots and you sink into a chair.
What a difference one conversation can make!
Have you sat as a doctor has told you there is no hope? Or answered the door to find a grim faced policeman? Or been summoned to the principle's office? 

Some conversations can change your whole life. How do we handle them? What do we say?
Today, wearing my pastor's hat, I conducted a funeral for a lady who died in her eightieth year. Yes, she had lived long and she passed quickly without suffering. Maybe so, but she was still my friend's mum. She had six children, eighteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Everyone of those lives have been affected by a phone call that told them they could never have a conversation with her again.
How do we adjust to life when someone we love is removed from our life?
I encourage you to do two things, both are conversations.
When wanting to ring the person that you know can no longer answer the phone, ring a relative. Tell them your story. Listen to their story. Build a new relationship.
Or pick up the phone and ring God. He is always available. He is your common contact with the person you are missing so much. He cares and loves you. He wants to listen to your problems and will listen without condemnation, impatience or judgement. And there are other benefits. God never gossips. He gives great advice.
Have you had a conversation with God today?

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