Thursday, 25 August 2011

‘Can I marry your daughter?’

‘Please can I marry your daughter?’
It is a simple question, but it is difficult to ask. I remember when Steve and I decided to get married. My Mum was away so I had to wait until she returned before he could ask the question.
She returned, but Steve’s courage departed. Day after day. Under great pressure from me, he finally asked Mum the BIG question one night after she had gone to bed.
She glared at us and responded, ‘That’s right, get a woman while she is down!’
Many years later we were met by the same question on Saturday afternoon. On this occasion the young man was more confident.
Steve was stunned. I had been forewarned by the girl, and I mean girl, in question. She was years below legal marrying age.
After a protracted silence, I said to Steve, ‘You should say something!’
‘Yes,’ he agreed, ‘but what?’
Some years later we were having a barbeque with a young couple. After the meal, I rose to clear the table.
‘Don’t do that, Mum. We’d like to talk.’
After the ‘talk’ had gone in circles for about two hours, the penny dropped. He’s supposed to be asking us THE question but he’s too shy. I started to enjoy the game. She’d poke him. He’d clear his throat and open his mouth shut it again and we’d sit in silence for another prolonged period of time.
In the end she laid out the facts before us.
Why is it so difficult to ask this simple question? It is fear of rejection. What if they don’t like me, what if they say ‘No!’ What if they run me out of town?
It is the same fear that stops so many coming to Father God. What if He says no? He won’t want me; I’m hopeless, wrong, not nice… The list is endless.
The Good News is he always says ‘YES!’ He never rejects. He wants you and me to be a bride for His Son! Now that’s exciting!

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