Wednesday, 3 August 2011

You buy a house for her

‘You buy a house for her.’
‘Lord! Have you seen our bank balance! You know we can’t buy another house.’
‘Have you tried?’
I started washing dishes, trying to silence the silent voice that planted such crazy ideas in my head. I had asked God to find a house for a single mum who couldn’t find anywhere to live. I hadn’t asked to be the answer to my own prayer.
‘God don’t you know the rules? I ask. You answer.’
This time He seemed determined. His answer involved me.
My husband had a few contacts. Within days we discovered if we mortgaged our home to the max, we could just source enough money get a modest dwelling. But this mum had six kids. She needed lots of room!
The realtor and I searched. I looked a dozens of houses, trying to find a way to accommodate this family. I returned to God.
‘I can’t find a house big enough. I don’t have enough money. I’ve tried. Now its your turn. Please find a house for her to rent.’
‘You get one!’
I sighed. I rang the realtor. ‘I’m going to search for one more day. After that I quit!’
He offered to help. We searched deeper. Towards the end of the day he opened a door and as I walked in, I knew I had found it. Five bedrooms, two living areas, covered patio and even the rainwater tank and sand pit that this woman of faith had prayed for. I negotiated. We took a deep breath and signed document after document. A month later we owned two houses and an unimaginable mortgage. We had ten cents in the bank and an unpredictable income–but a mighty God. But most importantly, my friend had permanent, stable accommodation.
Within two years the value of the house doubled.
I went back to God. ‘I’ll invest with you any time! Have you any more ideas?’


  1. Wow, what a wonderful friend you were, Jo, and I'm sure that single mum appreciated it very much.

  2. Thanks Paula, but it was more a case of God enabling the impossible.