Thursday, 28 July 2011

I can do it Myself

‘I did do my eye make-up!’ My three year old granddaughter was clearly proud of her achievement.
I swallowed my first response and crouched to her level. ‘Did you, Darling? Show Ma.’
Obligingly she battered her little eye lids, showing a dash of colour on her eyelids, black tips on her blond eyelashes and only a couple of stray black smudges on her cheeks. ‘Can we go to the doctor, now?’
‘I’m sure the doctor will be pleased to see such a pretty little girl.’ I picked up my keys and hand in hand we left. No,
I didn’t wash her face first. You see she reminds me of myself as I walk with my Daddy, and I want to show her how much she is loved, just like my heavenly Daddy loves me.
Years ago I grabbed a sword and marched out to battle, confident no force could defeat God and I together. I shook my fist at the devil; I demanded circumstances around me conform to my plan. The only problem was I didn’t ask God if I should, or indeed if I could fight the battle. I didn’t realise we weren’t fighting together, I was too focused on my great skill and courage. He grimaced when I was hurt and he healed my wounds when I asked Him. But He never laughed at me, or rebuked me. Without feeling judged, I learned a lot from that episode.
If my darling little girl’s make-up was garish enough to draw negative attention, I would have helped her ‘fix’ it before we went out. But I’m so glad I didn’t rebuke and ridicule, just as my heavenly Daddy never belittles, or judges me. He’s such a nice God.

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