Thursday, 14 July 2011

Are we there yet?

'Are we there yet, Dad?'
'Nearly. Just around the corner and over two more hills.'
'Dad! You said two hills and we've been over three! How much further?'
As a kid, I clearly remember the conversation as my family drove the thirty minutes into Springsure. My children asked the question, especially when we took long trips on holidays.
As a grandmother, I field the same query from my grandchildren. 'Are we there yet, Ma?'
'See the clock. My guess is we'll arrive at 11.54. What's your guess?'
It becomes a game as they guess and watch to see who wins.
Now I find myself asking God, 'Are we there yet, Father? How much longer? I've prayed about this for so long. I have your promise, but I don't see the fulfillment.'
I think of the Isrealites wandering in the desert. 'God, we could have shown you a shorter way to the promised land. Didn't you have a map? Why did you come this way. I'm sure you're lost!'
They didn't understand the path they travelled wasn't to get them there. It was about preparing them so they were able to inherit the promise. They needed to be equipped as faithful lovers and obedient soldiers. Lovers of God and warriors who would obey the strangest of orders from their commanding officier.
So when My heart cries out in frustration, 'God, are you watching? Don't you know how old I am? The sands of time are running out, Lord. What about your promises?'
I hear His quiet reply.
'Don't be impatient! Look how far we've come! Draw closer, my daughter. Rest in me. Just a little more faith, a little more willingness to obey.'
And I rest. I lean into Him. I recall the journey so far and marvel again at His great faithfulness. And I learn from Him. He is so gentle. Then I realise I'm at the next milestone. In my fretting I nearly missed recognising this stepping stone. I'm one step closer to fulfilling the vision.
'Yah! God. Thank you.'

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  1. Jo, this is a message I really needed to read right at the moment. So often our frustrations and depressions and impatience can be relieved by simply resting in God and His promises, but sometimes that seems so hard to do.
    Yes, those Israelites were wandering around in the wilderness for almost the same amount of time I've been alive, which feels like a long time. And before that, they were living as slaves in Egypt for a similar time to that which Australia has been settled for. God never hurries to indulge our impatient streak.
    It looks like this is a brand new blog. Great! I'll link it to mine :)