Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is anyone listening?

   'Are you listening to me?'
He grunts. 'Yep.'
'Well, what should we do?'
'About what?'
'I knew you weren't listening to me!'
      I'd like a dollar for everytime
 that conversation has been repeated in my house! I love to chat! Talking is my favourite hobby!. Good conversation revitalises me. It renews my energy and enthusiasm. Steve on the other hand enjoys silence and a good read. So, over the years I've learnt  the times of silence are very important. Steve does enjoy a good chat, but not all the time! So I look for others to chat to,being careful not to wear out their ears.
    There is one friend who seems willing to listen to me all the time. Never has God asked me to stop talking. However I find him to be a quiet converstionalist, or maybe He can't get a word in sideways! But when I pause long enough, He offers some amazing thoughts.
    A few years ago I was having a very one sided chat with God, when I realised I'd changed the subject several times without notice. Steve hates that. He gets confused and can't fathom what I'm saying.
So I stopped talking. 'Sorry, God.'
I didn't hear a voice but I knew what he said. 'For what?'
'For changing topics, jumping from channel to channel. I'll try to slow down.'
'I don't mind.'
'You don't mind?'
'No! I created you this way. I love the way your mind runs around and around. I can follow you perfectly.'
     I felt the tears burning behind my eyes. What a God! Total acceptance. I basked in a love that didn't ask me to be anyone else but me.
Overwhelmed, I suddenly found I was speechless.

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