Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I'm on holidays! Yah!
We have an ancient cottage set at the base of a beautiful mountain near Mt Barney without phone or internet. And we have it for six days. Now that's a real holiday!
However we did venture back as far as Beaudeserert today, so it's my chance to say Merry Christmas.
I do home you have a wonderful time celebrating Jesus, Gods great gift to the world.

As my gift to you, please read the poem below.

Love and blessings from Steve and I

Peace Application

Here is a Christmas greeting for your newsletter if your haven't printed it yet.  If you have that is fine.
Peace Application

News flash! Message just in!
Special Christmas offer on Peace
Just click here to download.

Peace. Ah! That elusive place we seek
That trouble free state where sickness doesn't exist
Where fighting is banished and worries are caged.

Life is a whirl of activity, a swirling mass do concern
A battle against overdue bills, illness and other enemies.
Is peace really available? It is this a scam.

No harm in looking!
For more information click here.
An application? It's an application!
A heart application?

Installed by the Father, on request
Activated by users choice. It features
A father to shoulder all the problems
A freedom brought by Jesus
A wisdom downloaded by the Holy Spirit
A safe place to rest in the midst of turmoil.

I warn it! Can I have it?
At what price, what cost?
Wherever is it? How do I get it?

It's available to all who seek it
A life time supply, unlimited stock.
Extravagant, yes, but paid in full by the Giver.

To download....
Sit quietly
Lift your hands and wait.
'Father, I accept your peace!'

Jo Wanmer 2013

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