Sunday, 27 April 2014

Missing out on church

 It's Sunday morning. I'm not in church.
Promise of fruitfulness.
Instead I'm sitting in my car surrounded by netball players. Somewhere in this melee of short skirts, long legs, bright colour and braided hair is one face I recognise. I drove this beautiful girl to the court leaving home at 6.15 am this morning.  I am free to leave her here and drive to church.  But once an hour I can watch her fly across a court and grab a ball out of the air.  So I sit in my car waiting as my church worships without me.

     Does it matter that I'm not in church today, after all I'm one of the pastors? My senior pastor told me to have a great day. He's not concerned. Steve has taken another two granddaughters with him.  He may be challenged minding kids without me, but he's glad I'm here to cheer our girl on.

     Is God frowning because I'm not singing songs, hugging friends and listening to the Word preached? Not at all. I can worship Him anywhere. I'm surrounded by trees and every tree is an opportunity to worship my Creator. He loves His handiwork being admired.
Beauty silently serving us by making Oxygen!

     So why do I feel as though I'm missing out?

     I think it is about Lutchie. This morning she is coming to church. She's been away for several weeks as she has been nursing her husband. He passed away on Wednesday. I stood around his bed with the family and prayed, committing his body to the earth.  I shared her pain. They've lived together for a long time, thirty-seven years.  Whilst rejoicing over his entry to heaven she grieves over his departure. However she is pleased to be returning to worship this morning. Her mode of worship is dance. Although in her seventies, she often dances for forty minutes non stop. It is beautiful and grateful. Lutchie knows I wont be joining her this morning and she's fine with my decision.

     Gods happy. My family's happy. My church is fine. What is wrong with me?

Sun filter cools the air
     I'm missing out!

   Corporate worship is always good but today, when a woman in grief chooses to worship in spite of her pain, the Spirit of God will flood in. Extravagant love, expressed in a sacrifice of praise, always brings an extravagant presence of God.

     There is only one thing for me to do. I'll go and watch my girl play another game and then I'll walk among the trees and tell God what an awesome creator He is until He pours His presence into my heart in the midst of this net ball chaos.

    And I remember that my God is everywhere...and I'm so thankful.

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