Thursday, 7 November 2013

Grati-roo-ed, not grati-poo-ed

Again I'm counting my blessings. Being roo-thless. Or wishing I was roo-thless.
Let me explain.
Last week I was struggling to be thankful for poo, puppy poo and lots of it. (See last week's post if you don't know the story.)
Sunday night I fell into bed at 11pm. It had been a busy weekend, but a wonderful time with our friend Danny Steyne from the States. Last week we dealt with five Epipen episodes in five night and I hadn't yet recovered from losing sleep  Three of those nights I spent a large chunks of time in the Children's hospital. But in every episode I am grateful; grateful for epipens that arrest the swelling which threatens to close her airways, grateful for Ambulance teams, doctors and nurses. I'm grateful for free medical services that we enjoy in our amazing country.
But I was talking about Sunday night. My phone summoned me at 1.10am. Trying to waken after two hours of sleep, I drove through the country roads leading to my daughter's house. It was my night was to stay with my grand-children. I could go back to sleep. About five minutes out of town a wallaroo jumped in front of me. I braked, crossed to the wrong side of the road, trying to avoid him, but he crashed into the front of my car. Bang! I drove on, thankful my lights weren't affected, thankful I'd been awake enough to keep control of my vehicle.
Daylight showed considerable damage to the bumper bar. I'm grateful this repair, which will be covered by insurance will also fix the spot where I hit a rabbit at 2 am about three months back. It will also cover the rub where I drove too close to an un-moving object about a month ago.
Yes, a lot is going wrong and at times it is hard to handle. But this much I know. God is good, and we will climb out of this deep narrow place rejoicing! Until then I will continue to express a bit of grati-roo-ed with you all. :)

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