Thursday, 24 November 2011

Murder, Bloody Murder

Is anyone out there? Why aren't we screaming murder, bloody murder!

'DOCTORS accidentally ended the life of a healthy 32-week-old unborn twin during a botched procedure to terminate his brother.' Sydney Daily Telegraph today.

They were 'terminating' one twin because of a congenital heart defect but they injected the wrong baby in error. The mother then underwent an emergency caesarean section and the sick child's life was terminated in a three-hour operation. (Illustration shows a 32 week baby.)

What will become of a nation who treats life with such contempt? The paper talks of the deep distress of staff and parent alike when the error was discovered. But why were any of them involved in the premeditated murder of such a child? A baby born at that point of gestation has a high chance of survival. My own daughter was born at 33 weeks 
tiny, but strong and healthy.

The blood of these little boys cries out from the ground. God will not turn a blind eye. The hands of our nation are dripping with blood, blood of babies that have been sacrificed on the alter of convenience. As I was researching this article I came across a story of a woman who aborted twins boys conceived by IVF because she wanted a girl!

I am horrified beyond belief.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm compassionate. I care for those woman and I'm not judging them, but this much I know. We must reap what we sow. We all understand that if we plant pansy seeds we can cut pansies in the future. If we plant bean seeds, we will eat beans, not spinach.

So if we sow murder, what will we reap? But, you argue, 'murder' is a strong word. Let me put it another way. If we sow 'justified termination', we will reap 'justified termination'. It will be called 'euthanasia'. It will be couched in the same acceptable medical jargon that surrounds abortion. 

This generation, when old, helpless and weak, will receive the same consideration given to the young and vulnerable who have been betrayed by the very one who is supposed to protect them. We too will face the termination needle.

As a nation, (and as individuals) we must repent for our murder. Then the blood of Jesus will protect us from reaping what we deserve. 

Lord, have mercy upon us.


  1. Here, here Jo. May God have mercy on us all. we have to give our children a voice. I spoke at the Cherish Life Annual Conference this year at Parliament House in Brisbane, and had the honour of sharing our story. People are afraid of confrontation and offence so they do not speak up. We need God to bring people to repentance. It is my prayer that God will use this horrible tragedy and turn it around for good. To make a change to the laws in our country.
    Bless you Jo.


  2. This news cuts such a sharp contrast to your book, Nicole. You're a hero :)