Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day in the Life of a Grandma!

'I'm hungry, Ma!' 
Is there any way to fill a four year old? The bag of crisps and ten strawberries obviously hadn't done it.
'I need something cold!' Madam looked hopeful. 
So she selected an ice block from my freezer. It must have been healthy as it boasted wild berries and yoghurt. I know; I'm a soft touch, but unless you are a grandmother, how can you understand? Until you had to stare back into those serious blue eyes, how can you know what you would have done?
This follows last nights text message from Madam Twelve. 'Can you come early in the morning to braid my hair?'  I was due at her house at 8am to mind Miss Four. 
'Is 7.30 ok?' 
'Can you come at 7? Can you do Olivia's hair too?' Olivia is a school friend who must be sleeping over again.
Another message comes. This time from Madam Sixteen (Yes there are a lot of girls in this house!)
'Can you bring my assignment? I left it there last week. It's in a blue book.' 
This morning I woke late after a broken night's sleep. I found the assignment, grabbed the library books that were due back yesterday. In haste, I dropped the books into the 'returns' bin at the library and arrived to braid hair at 7.20am, ignoring several messages from Miss Twelve asking how much longer.
When Madam Sixteen looked expectant I realised what I'd done. I'd posted her assignment into the book bin at the council library! I hung out my daughter's washing and dropped Miss Ten at school, before coming home with the four year old who was complaining. She wanted her mummy *sigh*
My daughter finished her days work just after lunch. We called at the library and retrieved the assignment and met Miss Four's Mummy for coffee and a chat. 
How privileged am I to have so many wonderful girls in my life?  I am blessed...and constantly waiting for the unexpected.

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  1. Yes you are blessed, by the way nice fish, I was just sitting here watching the fish for ages, lol