Friday, 4 November 2011

From a grub to a butterfly

Have you ever sat with someone as their life ebbed out? Have you watched the battle between life and death, the battle between the determination of the human will and the deterioration of the physical body? On Monday I sat with a precious friend as she lost her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. A few years ago in a different nursing home I sat with my Mum as her aged body finally released her to be with her Lord. 

Today I thought I'd share a poem I wrote some years ago - poem of hope. 

The Parable of the Grub

 There comes a time in the life of every grub,
when he must weave a cocoon
And gradually he becomes more and more restricted
And things that were simple to do, become harder and harder
Until eventually they are impossible.

The grub struggles in the cocoon
Until one day the struggle stops – and all is still.

And we other grubs grieve the loss of life
And through our tears we celebrate a life lived.

But while the cocoon remains, motionless, an empty shell
A butterfly soars …..
Free from restriction
Free from keeping its feet upon the ground
        Free to fly, and swoop and flutter
Free ………
Gloriously free!

Jesus said: “I go to prepare a place for you. In my fathers house there are many mansions. If were not so I would have told you.”

RIP Eileen Whitmore <3

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