Friday, 14 September 2012

Pink is the new red

    It was very exciting. This day was her very first sports day. She had been to many similiar events and cheered as her sisters won ribbon after ribbon. At last it was her turn. Today was her day.This was her kindy sports day
   There was only one problem. She was on the red team.
   Red was okay. She didn't mind, but she didn't own any red t-shirts. So Mum had loaned a shirt from her teacher. But it was branded with the word Kindy. Everyone would know it wasn't hers. There was no time to get to the shops, but Mum had a plan. This morning they were going to visit friends who had lots of red shirts and she could have one of theirs.
   But they were all too big! So many shirts, but they were for school kids and she was still a kindy kid. On the way home and she tried to listen to her Mum's gentle persuasion that the kindy shirt would be fine.
Her big sister helped her put it on. It was massive. Not too big like the others, but massive. It was all too hard for her to bear.
   'I'm not going! I hate sports days. I'm staying home all day!'
   She retreated under her bed, right to the wall where she felt safe. Where noone could laugh at her. Where there was no chance of not winning. Her sisters always won. Now she was ugly and a loser. The agony was just too much and her tears pooled onto the floor.
   'Maybe the kindy has a smaller t-shirt.' Mum always had an answer, but Mum had to work and couldn't go. Who would ask?
   'I'll talk to your teacher.' Big sisters were close to mothers, but never quite the same. She contemplated the idea.
   Mum found a big red ribbon and reluctantly she emerged to have it tied in her hair.
   Grandma tried to adjust the big shirt. It was disgusting! She took it off and searched for something else to wear until she got to kindy. In the drawer they found an old pink shirt. It matched her shorts and her cap. It was the right size. Maybe she could manage. She took a deep breathe and put it on and marched to the car.
    No one noticed. Pink is faded red really. She knew that. She wasn't wearing blue or green or yellow. She lined up with the red team and marched into the day. She even won the three legged race, until they swapped partners and tried again and then she managed to say, 'Good run,' just as Mum had taught her.
   It was such fun. And everyone won. And she was presented with a gold medal, like every other kid.
Go home? No, she didn't want to go home. She wanted to stay. Ah, yes. Miss Four loved sports day.


  1. Difference is as important as conformity. Great story, Jo. Reminded me of the days in my high school when everyone was wearing the "new" uniform of pants and shirts and jumpers and I opted to go for the "old, old" uniform of box pleat dress, shirt, tie and jumper. Funny how it wasn't long before we were all wearing the "old, old" uniform.

    1. Called leadership, Hayley! This little one was more comfortable being a non conformist than 'not right'
      Thanks for calling by. :)