Friday, 21 September 2012

I want what I want and I want it now!

   She stood to her full height. 'I don't want my birthday to be 'next', and I don't want it to be 'soon'.' She glared at me, tossing her long blonde hair.
   I was confused.  'When do you want your birthday to be, Honey?'
   I knew when her birthday was, and I also knew the day wouldn't be changing to suit her, but I find a little active listening works much better than an argument.
   'I want it to be NOW!'
   'Why do you want it now?'
   'Cause it Braydens' birthday tomorrow and Shi's the next day.' She struggling to hold back the tears. 'I want it to be mine.'
   I could sympathise with her. Waiting is hard to do, for anyone, especially for a little girl who is about to turn five.
   I have a T-shirt that says "I want what I want and I want it now!" I found it in a local store the day before I was preaching on revival. It perfectly summed up my sermon and my emotions.
   A couple of weeks ago, while preaching on breakthrough I nailed my colours to the wall. 'I'm sick of prophetic words telling me that revival is coming to South East Queensland. I don't want to hear any more.'
   I want what I want and I want it now. I've waited long enough. I've heard enough promises. We have the word of God. I want action and I want it NOW.
   About six years ago, I attended a conference where Apostle Barbara Yoder was speaking. What an inspiring woman of God.
   Her eyes challenged us from the platform. 'How many more generations are you going to allow to pass, before you Aussies fulfil Smith Wiggleworth's prophetic words over this nation. Will you be generation that rises up and makes revival happen in Australia.'
   I was challenged. Until that revelation, I was waiting passively to see what God was going to do. Since then I've been hungry - hungry for a mighty move of God. What am I going to do about it? I've given the rest of my life to God for revival.
   Why do I want revival? Same reason as Miss 'Soon to be Five' wants a birthday. Excitement, action and most of all - presents!
   Why do I expect revival to bring me presents? What wonderful surprises am I waiting for? I want to see people set free! Free from the bondage of addiction, hopelessness  depression, grief and sickness. I want to see broken families restored, cancer wards closed, gambling cease, prostitutes released and prisoner set free. No, I'm not dreaming the impossible. The power of God and the presence of Jesus, in the midst of us, will change people's hearts, break their anger and selfishness and renew our nation.    
   History confirms it. Prophecy predicts it. I expect it.
   As I said, 'I don't want revival 'next' or 'soon'. I want it NOW.'


  1. Hallelujah sister! Hehe, that took me back to my Salvation Army background; so full of passion and longing to BE the revivalist, not content to just sit and wait for it.

    I have been feeling very uninspired as far as revival goes, wondering if the many prophecies about revival will actually come to pass. Thank you so much for fanning the tiny little spark that is within me; it's good to know it's still in there! Blessings, Helen.

  2. Helen - stir up the gift that is within you! Haha. Thanks for encouraging me. Blessings.