Thursday, 19 April 2012

The labour pains are beginning

When the nine months is up a woman has no choice - she must bring her baby into the world. Although I've never given birth, I've assisted at the births of six beautiful babies so I understand some of the struggle required to produce a strong, healthy, noisy baby.

But now I'm facing my first birth. Well it feels like that to me. In six weeks my baby is due to be born. I know it is a girl and she is already named. Though the Bud be Bruised will be released on 2nd  June with much fan fare and fun. The question that exercises my mind is this. Will this baby book survive? Will she grow to be strong or will she be a one day wonder and fade away?

And so I labour with everything that is within me to bring forth the full potential of what God has planted. Today we have the 'show' - the first tangible evidence that the birth in eminent. Yes, my publisher has a few copies of the book. On Saturday, I'll hold a copy in my hand. It's very exciting, but, I remind myself,  it is just a bundle of paper. The real book won't be born until it is in readers hands and flowing into their hearts. The real book is the message of hope and love that awaits to leap off the pages.

What if she is still born, if the books land on bedside tables and overstuffed book shelves, gathering dust rather than inspiring minds? What if the book doesn't cry out to be read? What if it is opened and then discarded and forgotten?

I have done everything I can do throughout the two year gestation period to bring forth a strong, healthy specimen. In the inner places, the story was formed to honour God and inspire others to know Him, to love Him and to walk in faith. It was crafted to be an enjoying, compelling read.  But now as the labour begins, the reality will soon be exposed. 

How I work over the next few months will effect the size and scope of the impact of this powerful little book. And like any mother in the birthing suite, I need support people. I need ambassadors, reviewers, gossipers, and friends. Anyone that can tell others about the book. People who can open doors far and wide until this book is in such demand that Koorong will be asking for stock, libraries will be ordering it, and I'll be invited to speak all over Australia.

So get ready! I'll put everything I have into pushing this book as far as I can across the nations. All I ask is that you get a copy, read it and recommend it to others. Pre orders are open, but I'm yet to get payment methods finalised. 


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!
    I'm so excited for you. Just 6 more weeks eh?

    1. Thanks for sharing my excitement. So appreciate the support.

  2. I think I see myself in your blog. I am actually fine-tuning a manuscriptI wrote 8 years ago and I am feeling the birth pangs of a real book in the making. Blessings on your work. May the readers who need your book soon find it on the shelves where they are looking for it. May God bless you with a child who thrives.

    1. Thanks Katherine - I had to completely rewrite my book and then make adjustments and then fine tune and then check again....
      Thanks for your support :)