Thursday, 13 December 2012

King Size Bed?

For the last ten years I have written a poem for my Christmas card. 
This year the mind is blank....
Can I send out my card with out crazy poetry?

This is last years poem.

God in a manger?
King of Kings - born in poverty?
Creator of the World
Born of the created?
Unbelievable! Inconceivable!
Born of a virgin?
Conceived by the Holy Spirit?
The God of all Gods
Reduced to a sperm?
How can that be?
The creator carried by His own created one
Baby Jesus nourished by mankind
Pushing through a birth canal
Trusting His future to one family?
My God! All this for me?
You chose to experience my experience
Suffer my sufferings
Die to open the door to my eternity?
My God! How I love thee!
Jo Wanmer


  1. Beautifully written Jo, how wonderful our Saviour is and how much he cares for us. Blessings Crystal Mary

  2. Thanks Crystal. I'm awed by His love :)