Friday, 9 November 2012

Different forms of New Life

   New life does something to stir our souls. Whether its a clutch of day old chicks, a baby foal or a new baby.  
For me, its been a week of new beginnings. Two of my friends welcomed tiny granddaughters this week and one of my friends began a new life - life in heaven.
   Through tears, we sat in a church and celebrated her earthly life, while in heaven, she celebrated her final transition. She has grasped the new life - no longer restricted by a dragging, fleshly body, but now clothed in immortality. No longer held down by gravity, but free to fly throughout the spiritual world.
   As we understand life, it begins when sperm meets egg, or does it? Our physical bodies come from dust and to dust will return, says the Good book. But our souls? Where did they originate? Did they have life before they were confined to a foetus which was restricted within a womb? Jesus did. He chose to be 'confined to a span, incomprehensibly made man.'
   When a foetus bursts forth into the world, we call it a 'new life,' as if it wasn't alive before. The baby grows effortlessly, naturally. It morphs and changes, year after year until, finally, its span is finished. Discarding the worn out restrictions of flesh, life continues in a glorious, if mysterious, dimension.
   In a way, our earthly span is similar to what we know as high school. It is a training ground for the rest of eternal life. As the decisions we make in our high school years determine our course for the remainder of our earthly span, so our decisions made in our physical life affect our eternal destiny.
   As we farewelled my friend, Barb the church was filled with the lasting evidence of her decisions. Decisions to take colour and blend them into works of art. Decisions to raise godly sons. Decisions to worship God and love him forever. Her decision to accept Jesus' sacrifice for her wrongs.
Vibrant display of Barb's love of colour and creativity
at her farewell service
   So it was with great confidence we celebrated her new life today. There are no question marks hanging over her future like the unknowns that hang over a new born baby. What will their life be like? Will they be healthy and strong? Will they make good decisions?
   No! As Barb enters her new life we know with confidence that she's finding her spiritual feet in her corner of heaven and rearranging the colours and hues. How will her creativity manifest in heaven? I don't know as I am still anticipating this section of my life. But this much I'm sure of. Barb will be worshipping in wonderful harmony and vivid colour. Ah, yes! New life. I love it.

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