Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cleaning the Windows of our Soul

    It's a novel experience at my house, but the windows are clean. Wow, what a difference it makes! It seems the whole house is smiling. It was all Miss Ten's fault. She wanted to earn some money and decided the windows needed work. Her mother arrived to take her home before the job was finished of course, but once started I was forced to continue.
    Early this morning I finished the last door. So I have a question for you. What is the difference between these two pictures. You guessed it! These are the before and after shots. What a difference a little spray and a bunched piece of newsprint can make.
    Its like life really. There are days when everything looks dreary and life doesn't seem clear. Days when depression is knocking on the door and there doesn't seem any good reason to hold the door shut against its persuasive push.
    Maybe its time to clean the windows of the soul. Start with sudsy water to remove the heavy dirt. Scrub off all the built up resentments and forgiveness, gossip and judgements. Remove all spider eggs and mess left by the geckos. It may take effort but all debris left behind by the enemy must be scrubbed from your mind. The blood of Jesus is a fail proof detergent for such cleaning efforts. 
    Then your soul looks a little like the first picture. You can see out but things are blurry. How do we polish up our soul so everything is bright and inviting? As I rubbed my windows with newspaper, it became obvious. It is the Word of God that brightens us and brings clarity to our lives. First, spray liberally with worship and adoration of our amazing God. Together they are a guaranteed transforming formula!
    One last piece of advice - clean your soul regularly. It brings clarity, brightness and pleasure!

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